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Need some help with a Regular Expression dictionary

Hi, I am new to IOM in the last year. I had a dictionary that was created for me (during my implementation) that shortened addresses ie. Street to St that has been working to date. Today it is not working and I have no idea where to start. I have not modified the dictionary intentionally. Thanks in advance.


Dari, here is that short address dictionary in excel for you to copy/paste. You will probably just want to create a brand new blank dictionary to paste this into, then start using the newer one (you can delete the one that is no longer working once it is not in use anymore). Be sure to copy and paste all 3 columns into your dictionary. USPSdcty.xls


Keep up the good work!

Allison B.


Allison, When I use your dictionary and I'm testing, it works great if there is only one change that needs to be made in the address, but appears to only change the first one it comes to if there are more than one?

Example: 1. Directional information correctly changed, but Ave not changed: 249 21st Avenue North changes to 249 21st Avenue N instead of 249 21st Ave N

              2. No Directional information seems to function correctly: 249 21st Avenue changes to 249 21st Ave correctly

Do dictionaries only make one correction and is there a way to change that so both are changed?


Thanks for the help!



Hi Carrie,


This is a limitation I have noticed as well and always try to point out when demonstrating this particular type of Regular Expression. Even as comprehensive as the formula is, is still assumes that the position of the Rd/Ave/Blvd/Dr/St piece will be at the very end of the string - so you sometimes will see it unable to translate that piece correctly if followed by a directional. I have yet to find a solution to this particular issue, and it seems to be thankfully one of the few limitations this free dictionary tool presents in regards to address line cleanup. 

You may have better luck with the Omatic Data Service, which can also validate addresses to correct them in addition to reformatting them in USPS standards. You are normally granted 3000 free hits (enough to test on 3000 rows of data) to try this service, which can be switched on in your profile's 'Addresses' settings under 'Address Formatting'. Keep in mind that it currently only validates US and Canadian addresses.


Keep up the good work!




Allison Bolduc


Omatic Software





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