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Failed to create a connection to the database



This is probably a simple question for someone who is technically savvy and regularly works with ImportOmatic and The Raiser's Edge, so hopefully one of you fine people will have an answer for me.

My client is using The Raiser's Edge 7.92 and ImportOmatic (which is currently showing V. .  Every time they attempt to click "Import Processing" they receive the error message "Failed to create a connection to the database.  Custom database connection settings will be required."

I have had difficulty reaching support for OMatic at this time, and Blackbaud has no records of this issue in their databases.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it, and I'll be happy to offer additional information.


P.S.  In case it's useful, Raiser's Edge is running on a local server, running Server 2008 Standard with SQL 2008 SP4.

Hi Doug,

I am sorry we are having trouble connecting by phone! When I try the organization's number, I am getting a fast busy.

I sent an email from the support case to Debra. Did you receive it? I am attaching the same document to this post that I attached to the email from the case. Please let me know if this does not lead you to a resolution, and we can schedule a time, through the case, for you to dial me directly since I seem unable to dial into you.




The resolution for the connection issue was two-part:

1. We had to create a new SQL user, and specify Custom Connection information in IOM, as outlined in the document attached to my previous reply.

2. We also had to put in place Inbound/Outbound traffic rules in the firewall on the server, for the standard SQL port (1433), because the traffic was being blocked. Raiser's Edge will fail over to NamedPipes, if the TCP/IP connection fails, but IOM requires a working TCP/IP connection. This is why RE was still working, but IOM was not.

I hope this post will help others in the future. Pleasure working with you, Doug!


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