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NCOA Address Updates?

Hi there,


Do any of you use IOM for NCOA address updates? I'm wondering what the most efficient way to do this is, as there are about 20,000 names and addresses on this particular list. Unfortunately, constituent IDs do not seem to have made it into the updated address file the mail house returned to us.


I'd appreciate any insight. Thank you!

Awesome instructions!  (I love step-by-step)
First make a profile that just maps the name & address fields

Then select these settings:

On the "Constituents" settings tab:
1) Uncheck all of the Bio fields to update automatically
2) Check the "Do not add new constituents" checkbox

On the Auto-Pick settings
1) Check Auto-pick and "Score"
2) Set the Score bar up to 95

On the Addresses tab
1) Choose "Calculate Address Score"
2) Choose "Always ignore new address information"
3) Set the score bar up to 95

On Phones/Emails
1) Choose "Ignore new value"

On Output/Files
1) Check "Include the Import ID of all matched Constituents in output file"
2) Set the folder path to somewhere you can find

I think that's pretty much it. That should get you the most exact matches with no updates.


How do you 'match' with IOM name/address for getting the ImportID in the output file without importing or changing anything in RE?  

ouch, that's a tough one!

you could run the ID profile and set the address matching score very high (90+) and make sure to set IOM to NOT add or update any addresses and ignore any matches unless they meet the score criteria. Then you should only get IDs for the records that have a very similar address in the file (i.e. that we either not updated or only minorly updated). Hopefully that will reduce the number of people with actual new addresses down much lower.

For the new addresses there isn't that much to do really. You can try and match on just name but that probably won't come up with much. You could try first, last, and state or something.

Alternatively you could go back to whoever gave you the list and ask for more info!

Hi Wayne,

That setup makes total sense and I'm sure it will come in very handy--thank you! Unfortunately, though, the file I received has only one set of address columns and no indication of whether it is 'new' or not. Any thoughts on how to cope with that?

Thank you again for your help!
Hi Stephanie,

You can do this with two passes through IOM. The first pass would be to get the ids of the people and second would be to import the new addresses.

Assuming your file has the basic structure:
Old Address
New Address
NCOA codes

Profile 1 (ID profile) would link only Name and Old Address. You want to "ignore" the other columns. Then, in the "output" section of the profile check off the box that says to export matching import ids in the output file. Take note of the path that the output file will be saved on this window as well.

After you run that import it will create an output file that is exactly the same as your original but now with a new column at the beginning with the import ID of each person! You can now use this new file as the basis for a new profile to import the new addresses.

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