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RegEx question

Our address standard is to use abbreviations with punctuation. So, for example all forms of ‘Road’ would be entered as ‘Rd.’.

I found the Address Abbreviations (Short).xlsx dictionary that was posted to the forums awhile ago -


I’m trying to update that as needed to include a ‘.’ after the street abbreviations  in the ‘replacement values’  -  ‘Rd.’ for example.  However, when I apply the dictionary it’s replacing values with just the ‘Rd’ – no period.  Should that work? Am I missing something?

period is actually a reserved symbol meaning "any character" in regex. In order to actually just get a period to come out you have to "escape" the period with a backslash.

so instead of just . put \.
Also apparently I say actually a lot.
Thanks Wayne -
I tried that but it still seems to ignore the '.'
Using 'Rd\.' as the replacement value returns 'Rd\'.
ah, then you need to turn on "use regular expressions" at the bottom.
Yup - that's been on. Still, it seems to ignore a . in the replacement value.
maybe it is removing the punctaion later? is there an entry to replace . with -BLANK- ?
Yes! That was it. Thanks so much for your help Wayne.

"Using 'Rd\.' as the replacement value returns 'Rd\'."

Did you mean value to match on? You wouldn't put regex in the replacement value.
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