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european birthdate format conversion to american format

Hi there,


Can anyone help determine a method to do the following: 

we receive data on our incoming students with birthdates in the day/month/year format but our Raiser's Edge configuration takes the American style of month/day/year.


Is there anyway I can convert these birthdates on import?


Thanks very much!



you can do this with a dictionary

Value to match: ^(\d.+)/(\d.+)/(\d.+)$
Replacement: $2/$1/$3

make sure to turn regex on!

Thanks so much!



Hi Wayne,

no luck once I plugged the reg ex in as a dictionary.

might there be an alternate option?


what does it do? Did you test the dictionary? It might be something else in the process?
in testing the dictionary, it recreates the same date format as value to match.
for example: i type in 21/3/1995 and test it. the result is 21/3/1995.

and you have the "Use Regular Expressions" checkbox checked?

It will return the same thing if it doesn't match the pattern.
reg expressions box is checked, yes.

not sure i understand "it will return the same thing if it doesn't match the pattern." please clarify.

well, the problem is that somehow periods got put in after the \d

I'll just blame cut & paste or something. The good formula is

Alas, no. Still not effective.

Any suggestions?

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