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Regular expression does not contain a string


I have created a regular expression such that anything containing the text "self employed" is replace by Self Employed, stripping out extraneous data

eg self employed artist becomes Self Employed


What I now need is an expression that makes anything not containing "self employed" is replaced by blank

Additionally I need to do this for other strings, such as "self-employed" and "freelance". I can do the first part by adding to the values to match on, but would also need to add to the not containing as an AND


Thanks folks

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Dictionaries are run in order so first you should replace the ones you want with Self Employed and then replace anything that is NOT Self Employed with BLANK

Replacement Value: Self Employed
Value to Match: .*self employed.*

Replacement Value: -BLANK-
Value to Match: ^(?!(Self Employed)$).*
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