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Unable to Match on Organization Relationship

I am importing current employees and I'm matching to an org relationship so the information can be updated.  However, I am receiving an error when importing data in which the employee has multiple relationships to the same organization.  The mapping is supposed to look for a current employee, business is primary and organization is our school.  Even though the other relationships are not marked primary and not marked as an employee, this will error our because the organization name is the same.  Is there a way to have the mapping look for all of these items so it will pick up only the current employment?  The import works on constituents with only one employment row for our organization.




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Hi Shalena,

ImportOmatic is not currently able to auto-pick an organization relationship based on being the current, or primary, relationship. However, that is a good suggestion for our UserVoice site and I encourage you to add your idea.

In your IOM profile under Relationships--> Organization, it sounds like you may have the option selected not to search and to update based on the Organization Name. I would recommend changing this selection to one of the options where IOM will search first so that you'll see the duplicate match screen and you can select the relationship you would like to update.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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