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Import not matching on email and name

Hi there,

My all-important master gift entry import is unfortunately creating brand new records for existing donors whose addresses are different form their existing address, despite having the same email on file. I've set my configuration to match on email, but it has not been working that way. Duplicate records have been popping up and sometimes in the most unfortunate of circumstances - e.g., major donors.

How can I fix this issue?



Hi Joanne,

Does your duplicate criteria set include searching on first name and last name and address?


If so, this would be viewed as a new record because the address is different. The record would need to meet all three pieces of criteria to come up as a possible match.

You can remove the address portion so that it's now only searching on first name and last name. Then create a second duplicate criteria set that includes just the address information. When you select both of these sets in your profile, IOM will search for first name and last name OR address.

You can also reach out to our support team at 888-662-8426, option 2 or and we can take a look at your duplicate criteria.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Thank you so much for clarifying, that's a setting I did not know played into this. I have changed it as you advised.

I am running into a similar problem. My IOM profile is set to auto-pick on Alias and yet the import is not identifying constituent matches when there is an EXACT match on Alias. Your suggested solution for Joanne won't work for us because we are on a later version of RE that does not allow us to alter the duplicate criteria.

[From Blackbaud: Starting in RE 7.92, there is a Blackbaud defined algorithm which will weight and intelligently surface the best, most logical results based on the search criteria entered. The algorithm considers the following data fields: name, middle initial, suffix, address, phone number and email. This algorithm is hard-coded and is used by default within the database. Defining duplicate fields listed is no longer present in version 7.92 and higher.]

What else can I do to improve IOM's match rate? Thank you!
Hi Stacey,

I understand you have an open case with Support for your question, but I did want to address it here as well.

The duplicate criteria sets within IOM work separately from the duplicate criteria within Raisers Edge. Sometimes you may need more than one set to be able to find existing records, such as the examples above with just first name and last name and just the address.

In addition to the duplicate criteria set(s) within IOM, auto-pick will work when there is one single record that perfectly matches the option selected (in this case, Alias).

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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