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Need a Regular Expression

Can anyone help me with a Regular expression that would allow for a partial string match?

I need to remove /n from certain imports and replace it with a space. 




No problem (well, ok, it took a little Googling...). Put a single space in your Replacement value, add this two-character value in your Values to match on: /n
Make sure that you have Use Regular Expressions checked!
Hi. Can anyone here direct me to a pre-populated index/dictionary of regular expressions that I can use to better match imported records (e.g. apartment = apt = APT.; street = ST. = St.) I was told that such a list already exists on the OMatic forums...?

Hi Stephanie,

This post includes the regular expression you need to format addresses.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Thank you, Amanda! I just added the list and will try it out now.
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