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Import stops at a certain row

Hi there,

I've had this problem many times with importing single donations, and in the past, I've had to just enter gifts manually. IOM imports only a few rows before it gives up and doesn't import the rest of the file. A batch for the gifts is created but shows only a portion of the actual import file. There is nothing obviously wrong with my file, as far as I can tell. Please help me find a solution!


The Error log looks like this: 


IOM Version: RE Version: 792.5508.6

Profile: MASTER Gift Entry

REImport Error File

Import File: S:\DSLRF Development\Giving\Annual Giving\FY2015\Gifts\8 - February\02-02-15.csv

Master ID Source: Raiser's Edge


Line 1: Required Field Missing:  Org Name [Object: 'CRecord', PK: '?', Import ID: '?', Desc: '?', Field: 'Org Name'] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->ImportOM.CImport.#=qvi8srAEGr70pFQ7Qsq$RlsEX_Cbc8BLP0sNGoKPcJRs=(Int32 #=qh_vIIGOA0WrRoP0S$ObdoA==, Int32 #=qeWLqhR20wBu0bIyRTCPQRg==, ArrayList& #=qskis3bRdKcZ11qtMw1ZKVSHas6qemJs9_dnbQWjCMPs=)-->ImportOM.CImport.Process()

Line 11: Error saving batch on data row # 11. Error = 'General ODBC Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Error converting data type varchar to numeric.

Native error:8114



Hi Joanne,

This message typically occurs when the RE Gift Batch is trying to handle a value type it doesn't expect. The only two times I've seen this before involved an invalid gift amount (a date was in that field) or an invalid gift finder number (it cannot contain any non-numeric characters). If you look at the offending line and nothing jumps out at you, you might want to try importing just that single line but switch the profile to create the gift directly rather than going into a batch. If it's a bad value this process should identify exactly which field it is. Let us know what you find. If that doesn't solve it, please don't hesitate to create a support case.

I have had that problem a couple of times with a gift batch. It turned out that there was a negative number in the file that was causing the problem.
I targeted the row that is causing the problem, but I see nothing wrong with it. I isolated it onto a separate file and attempted to import the gift directly, rather than importing it into a batch. This didn't work either. Here is the error log:

IOM Version: RE Version: 792.5508.6
Profile: MASTER Gift Entry
REImport Error File
Import File: C:\Users\jdanganan\Desktop\02-02-15 1.csv
Master ID Source: Raiser's Edge

Line 1: Invalid Number: Finder Number [Object: 'CGift', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '2/2/2015 Cash $25.00 - Amber Johnson', Field: 'Finder Number', Value: 'L15011CBED'] -->BBREAPI.CGiftClass.Save()-->ImportOM.CImport.#=qHDFH4ujSF5ag1d6To6OvvA==(Int32 #=qjQM1HS2fDeaVnCD8cuOJYA==, CFieldDefaultServer #=qxcz7zlZgWZYWGEELUWgxuA==, Int32 #=qAzjmx97WofNJvGfu8UHkug==, Int32 #=qJLpbKF3jwwL0fZ9sRdDiQg==, Int32 #=qpla8_UJ11rrudXKuqrbg9Q==, IBBConstitUIHelper #=qpEohYhef5oKN$JfxWtFkvg==, String #=q7Ki_99xZVOAfdyNbHSo3Hg==, Int32& #=qNMv4_LGM7UlOb2ocYPywef1 66$xGQys$4p6DchJKmU=, StreamWriter& #=q6QZzKeiPVZypR0gsaxtj3w==, St
Right, it's saying "Invalid Number: Finder Number". The finder number must be numeric. The finder number value you are importing is "L15011CBED".


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