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Help with Importing Constituents with Gifts and Organization info

 Hi. I am trying to set up an importomatic profile that will import constituents, their gifts, and also their business/place of employment. The constituents filled out a form when they gave the gift, and they listed their place of employment on the form. I would like to add that business info to the business tab on their Raisers edge record. Some constituents when they gave their gift they did not put a place of employment. So on the csv file, the cell will be blank in the “Employer” column for that person.


In the field map on the profile, I selected the record type as “organization relationship” and put “org name” as the value type.


When I try to import the file, it gives me the error message “Required Field Missing:  Org Name” for constituents that don’t have an org name listed.

 I thought in regular imports, if the cell was blank, it would skip it. I do not want Org name to be a required field, If I can select this.




We have IOM V.



 If you have any thoughts or help on how to fix this, that would be appreciated!!




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Hi Joshua,

Do you have other information for these organization relationships, such as relationship and reciprocal, in your file? If you have employer/employee populated for every row you will see this error for those rows that don't have an organization name.

Please let me know if this doesn't seem to be the cause of the error.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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