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Proposal Import

I've been importing proposals but not having any luck with importing the "Likelihood" field.  Tried everything - cut-n-pasted it straight out of the drop-down box in RE7 so it was exactly as it appears in RE7 - tried doing it as just a number without the percentage sign.  It comes back with the same  "Invalid Code table entry:  Likelihood [Object: 'CProposal'...."


Any help/suggestions on how to import that field?  


Thank you!

what is the full error you are getting?
I’ve tried several versions of this import – the original with ALL of the fields for the proposals, and the typed in version of the likelihood “50%”, then when that wouldn’t take we tried to do the ‘copied’ version of the likelihood version (which appeared the same to us) “50%” – thought perhaps it didn’t like the “%” symbol so tried it again without the % sign. Still the same. Ended up ignoring the Likelihood in the import template and importing the rest of the proposal and then created another import profile with just the three fields, Constituent ID, Proposal Name, and Likelihood to see if it would allow me to add that AFTER the proposal was in. Nothing. I get this error –

Line 1: Invalid Code table entry: Likelihood [Object: 'CProposal', PK: '22069', Import ID: '00001-589-0000022069', Desc: '2016 Kids Making Miracles', Field: 'Likelihood', Value: '25%'] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->ImportOM.CImport.Process()
Line 2: Invalid Code table entry: Likelihood [Object: 'CProposal', PK: '22070', Import ID: '00001-589-0000022070', Desc: '2016 Kids Making Miracles', Field: 'Likelihood', Value: '50%'] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->ImportOM.CImport.Process()

ANY help would be so appreciated! I have a lot more of these to import but I’ve been waiting until I can identify the problem and correct it.

Figured it out!

Whenever I pasted the 50% into Excel it was removing the space between - but when I formatted and then retyped in the field with the space between the numbers and the % sign it allowed me to import it!

I hate it when Excel thinks it is smarter than you are!

Hi Sue,

Glad to see you were able to resolve the issue! Remember you can always reach out to us, in Support, for assistance with errors. You would send the actual error.txt file with your message, in a case like this, for the fastest resolution. Our contact information is here:

Have a great day!


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