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Help with conditional field?

I have a file to import that has a column with an ID number in it.  There is another column which indicates whether the ID is a Constituent ID or not.  If it is a Constituent ID, I need IOM to import the data in the file onto that constituent record.  If the ID is not a Constituent ID, I need IOM to not match using that field and save that value in another place on the matched or new record.

Any suggestions?

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You can do this with a custom function.

It would look something like:

[code] Dim sReturn As String = oField.Value If Import.Fields.GetByName("IDTypeColumn").Value <> "ConstituentID" Then sReturn = "" End If [/code]

You would create that custom function and the set it to run on your ID column. it will make the ID blank if the IDTypeColumn does not equal "ConstituentID"

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