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Update membership field Total Number of Children

Can I use IOM to replace the Total Number of Children field on an existing active membership?  

I am using the following fields in my import: membership Import ID, Category, Program, Cons Import ID and Mem_Total_Children.

I get the following error message: Invalid program/category combination specified.

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Hi Elizabeth,

We sometimes see this error when Raisers Edge doesn't receive the program and category in the format it's expecting.

Do you have the long description or short description for the program and category in your file?

In RE, go to Tools--> User Options--> General Tab. Under "Code Tables", select "Use long description for display and data entry" if you have the long description in your file. If you are using the short description, uncheck this box.

If you are still receiving the error, I will need to examine the following files: error.txt file, data file, and the IOM profile being used for this import. Please send these files to so that I can better assist you with your issue. When I have a resolution, I will post to this thread.

To send your IOM profile, please follow these steps:

* Go to IOM Configuration
* Highlight the name of the profile you are using
* Right click on it and choose to export
* Send the .xml file that is created
* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_.xml

Omatic Support
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