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Import Additional Constituency Code to the Primary Position

I'm importing new/additional constituency codes onto existing records and need them to be in the first/primary spot - is there a way to do this?  I just tested with one record and it drops it in below the existing constituency code.  I didn't see a setting in the configuration that showed this.  Any help would be great - thanks!


Hi Sue,

ImportOmatic's default functionality inserts Constituent Codes in the next available position in the grid for the Constituent record.

Having the option to import a Constituent Code to the "primary" location (the first row in the grid) is an existing suggestion on User Voice, and I encourage you to vote for it!

This is also something that could very likely be accomplished by the IOM API. If you have a resource that can program in Visual Basic (VB/VBA) then they would be able to write this customization for you. If you do not have such a resource, we can provide this customization as a service.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!



Thanks Tiffany - I voted! Hope it helps. Appreciate the feedback.
Actually figured out how to do it with some brilliance on the part of my boss - had to do it through Raiser's Edge though. Thanks again!
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