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Tribute Imports - Select One Acknowledgee; Do Not Acknowledge Tribute


We've just started importing tributes using IOM and have 2 items that we cannot figure out.

1. This is a similar problem to the BBNC Connector. When multiple acknowledgees exist, all of them are selected rather than just the imported record. Is it possible to automatically select just the acknowledgee in the import?

2. Some tributes do not require a letter sent to the acknowledgee, we would like to mark these as do not acknowledge. Not the Gift Field, but the field on the tribute tab of the gift.

I searched the forums, but didn't find an answer. I suspect the answer to both of these questions is "not possible", but I'm hoping otherwise.

Thank you!


Hi Steven,

Unfortunately standard ImportOmatic functionality does not handle these scenarios.

This is something that may be accomplished by the IOM API during import. If you have a resource that can program in Visual Basic ( then they would be able to write this customization for you. If you do not have such a resource, we can provide this customization as a service.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Steven,

Tributes are a tough one. First off, you have to import the tribute first and then import the gifts with a link to the new tribute. I assume you have gotten that far if you are talking about assigning acknowledgees. Second, remember that there is a difference between the Tribute on the constituent record and the Tribute on the gift record. A Tribute on a gift record is created based on a tribute on the constituent record but it can have its own properties.

For #1 are you talking about a Constituent Tribute or a Gift Tribute? The first import that you do is creating/editing Constituent Tributes and the second import is creating Gift Tributes. How to handle the acknowledgees would be different depending on what you are doing. It would definitely require some API work though, I don't think this functionality it built into IOM.

For #2 do you mean you want to set the whole gift tribute to be not acknowledged or are you saying you want to uncheck "Ackn?" for certain acknowledgees from the gift tribute? Making the whole tribute be set to "Do Not Acknowledge" is easier but still requires the API. In your gift import (after you have imported the Constituent Tributes) you need to edit the Gift Tribute in BeforeGiftSave. If this is what you want to do let me know, I think I have done something like that before.

Good evening Wayne,

Yes, two step import in place and we just a smidge better off than we were using the Raiser's Edge/NetCommunity Connector at the moment. If you've used it, you'll understand what I mean.

#1 is fine and understood.

#2 is the issue.

First pass: Import new tribute Constituents, create the tributes in RE or link to existing, add the Individual Relationship record for Acknowledgees and link them to the tribute.

Second Pass: Import constituents and gifts, linking gifts to tributes (This is all fine so far) and (Following is the issue) ONLY select the Acknowledgee indicated by the donor in the import file. Right now, it selects all Acknowledgees. After the import, we need to cross reference the batch against the import file after import. So, yes we want to uncheck "Ackn?" for certain acknowledges from the gift tribute.

And finally, if no acknowledgee was indicated by the donor, Do Not Acknowledge the tribute.

We're hosted so I don't know what options we have in this environment. Blackbaud's servers and nothing goes on without their permission.

Thank you very much for taking the time At the moment, I am checking the forum infrequently because I am covering for a co-worker who is unexpectedly away. Only option for me right now is the wee hours so please excuse my delays.


Hmm, not sure how API works for a hosted environment. You would need Omatic to answer that one.

To handle your situation you will need to be working in BeforeGiftSave since by that time the tribute has been linked to the gift.

What you basically want to do is
1) Get the list of acknowledgees you want to acknowledge
2) Load up the tribute
3) Loop through the acknowledgees on the tribute and delete the ones you don't want
4) If there are no Acknowledgees then mark the tribute as Do Not Ack

In the code below (which is in BeforeGiftSave) I count up various types of letters on acknowledgees but it shows you how to get to the record that you need (gift tribute acknowledgee) and how to access info there. You will want to look at the name instead of the letter and you will want to call Acknowledgees.Remove(AcknowledgeeID) on anyone that you want to remove. I don't think there is actually a way to flip that Ackn? flag through the API but others may know more!

[code] If oGift.Tributes.Count > 0 Then Dim iAck As CGiftTributeAcknowledgee Dim dTribCardCount As Integer = 0 Dim dTribListCount As Integer = 0 Dim dTribOtherCount As Integer = 0 Dim sMsg As String For Each iAck In oGift.Tributes.Item(1).Acknowledgees Select Case iAck.Fields(EGiftTributeAcknowledgeeFields.GIFTTRIBUTEACKNOWLEDGEE_fld_Letter).ToString Case "Tribute Card","Tribute Special" dTribCardCount = dTribCardCount + 1 Case "Tribute List" dTribListCount = dTribListCount + 1 Case Else dTribOtherCount = dTribOtherCount + 1 End Select Next End If [/code]
Due to security considerations in Blackbaud's hosting environment the IOM API module is unfortunately not accessible by end users. Omatic may be able to do this as a customization for you though, check with your account manager or email
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