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List Management Notes

I have a list to be imported into List Management - some are existing constituents and some aren't.  They want to list to stay in List Management and they can use it to update notes as they do research on these people, add to the notes - without importing into RE7.  What I discovered when I did a test record is that it will allow me to import a note but not to update/add from the List Management record.  It will allow other features to be added/updated to these records.  Am I doing the import wrong?  Is there anyway to get the List Management list to allow notes to be updated/added?

Thanks so much for any/all help.


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Hi Sue,

Thank you again for joining me during Office Hours. I've done a little more testing on this. I found that you are able to add a new note to the list members, but I need to check with our Product Development team on appending to an existing note.

I've opened a support case for you, and will send an email to you through there.

When we have a resolution, I will post to this thread.

Omatic Support

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