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Multiple Imports with the same Profile simultaneously

I had several hundred thousand rows of data from a third-party database I needed to import into RE. I segmented the data into hundreds of large chunks and ran imports, skipping exceptions.

So now I have hundreds of exception files, each dozens to hundreds of rows long, that I need to import. And every row requires attention from a human brain.

Can I have multiple people doing this at once? Will there be a problem with the same IOM profile being used to process imports by multiple users simultaneously? Or is there some limit (like 1)? Or will they interfere with each other and corrupt my data?

Hi Evan,

What version of ImportOmatic are you using?

That's a frightening question.

I'm running 2.2.5.
Any news, Jeff?

Running multiple instance of IOM can be done. However, you may experience some database locking under certain circumstances. Those circumstances being a dialog is shown after processing the main constituent being imported. Generally this is seen with the duplicate search screen showing for relationships. Your data won't be corrupted, but your users could under that scenario see RE freeze up until the person who does have the dialog proceeds with the import. If you aren't importing relationships or memberships then you likely will never run into this issue.
Thanks. I'm matching to non-constituent spouses, but that's it as far as relationships go.

I'll give it a shot and report back.
Evan, I would strongly suggest updating ImportOmatic. Version 2.2.5 is well over a year old and we have added -so- many improvements and so much new functionality over the past year. If for no other reason you would definitely want to take advantage of the much-improved automatic duplicate matching released in 2.3. If you have any questions about upgrading, don't hesitate to ask our support department or post your questions here.

Thanks, Jeff. I have already updated my test environment to 2.6.1 - I suspect I'll move that to Production shortly.
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