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Clashing Constituent Codes

I have a file of data from website donations; this file contains both new and existing supporters unfortunately there is no way of telling if they are new or not until point of import.


My query/error is that when I try to import all the gifts with a Cons Code those that have given previous regular gifts have a date from and to in an existing cons code so the new one will not import?  Can anyone help or is this just not possible?



Hi Sharifa

I have exactly the same problem.


Hi Andrea


I have found a work around for this, provided you do not have too many Constituents to amend. I have found that manually entering another same Constituent Code, one of which has a start and end date, and the other only a start date, can cause Query problems when you try to extract data at a later date.

First, import your data in the normal way. Importomatic creates a .csv exception file which only contains the Constituents it was unable to import. Open this file and either leave, amend or delete the date depending on what is causing the problem. If you delete the date, Raiser's Edge will leave the date that is currently in the Constituent Code there, and import all the other data.

If the date needs amending, open each RE Record manually and delete the date that is causing the problem. Importing the exceptions file will then update the Constituent Code and import all the other data.



Hi Brian

That is a huge help - thank you for getting back to me with this.

Kind regards

Practical Action
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