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Regular expressions to match anything except a phrase

I have a spreadsheet of alumni that also includes constituents who took part in our community chorus, but are not considered alumni, so we do not want to enter education information for them, just an attribute that they were in the community chorus. The Community Chorus flag is in the Program field for other alumni. I want to copy the field and apply a dictionary to say:


 N/C Community Chorus 0 credits = Community Chorus  (RegEx off)

This one is straightforward and works until I try to add another entry to make blanks of the rest of the programs.

 Anything else should result in a blank:

My attempt looks like this:

--BLANK-- RegEx ON = \b(?(\bCommunity Chorus\b)MATCHED|.*)\b


but results in "CommunityChorus" (no space) when I test the incoming text "N/C Community Chorus 0 credits"

and "credits" when I test "Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education (After Degree) 60 credits" and "program" when I test "Unknown Program"

Hi Teddi,

If you will visit this post (, you should find the information you need. Nic Bourne's reply to the original post tells you how to write the RegEx "If-Then-Else" statement for this type of situation.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



The problem is that you are using \b which denotes a word boundary. In this case, you are actually trying to match two words.

^(?(Community Chorus)MATCHED|.*)$

^ = start of line
$ = end of line
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