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Import Gifts and link to Participant

Which would be easy, if I were importing the participant records at the same time. But I'm not doing that.

I have a bunch of gifts all from the same constituent which I would like to link to that constituent's participant records in 3 different events. I have the Participant Import ID for those Participant records.

I uniquely identify the constituent with the constituent ID. For each gift, I uniquely identify the partipant record to which I would like to link that gift (using the Participant Import ID.

Is what I'm trying even possible? Can I link gifts to existing Participant records? Can I link multiple gifts to the same participant record?

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Hi Evan,

IOM can handle that, too!

You have three choices to link the gifts. Map the column with the Participant Import ID to the field for the gift type you want it to be:

Gift Field--->Other Donation Participant Import ID

Gift Field--->Registration Fees Participant Import ID

Gift Field--->Sponsoring Pledge Import ID



It worked brilliantly. Thanks.
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