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Adding Duplicate Relationships on Purpose

I need to import just over 100 relationships.  These relationships are based on scholarships (which have their own individual records) and preexisting student records. Relationship adds are easy in Import O-Matic except when I am trying to purposely create duplicate relationships.  These students have received scholarships from the same constituents in multiple years. I need a separate relationship link so I can track the details of that specific year since totals, timetables and student info change.  These multiple year scholarships are tracked by utilizing the date to and from fields which serves us well for our reporting purposes.  In years past, I have had no issue in adding a duplicate but I cannot get these dupes in.  I even tried to import with the setting: "Do not search for duplicate constituent records and add as a non-constituent record matching individual relationships on "Always add new"  This keeps leading to the except error: "Individual relationship could not be updated because 2 existing relationships matched."  Am I missing something?  I know I did these same imports last year without this issue and am wondering if the new dupe settings in RE (along with IO's update) are causing me the issue this year?  I need a solution in that this is an annual import.


Anyone have this issue and find a solution? 





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Hi Kim,

We're currently looking into the issue of multiple relationships not importing correctly. I've found that if you change the relationship, then IOM will import multiple relationships to the same constituent. For example, a relationship of "Scholarship recipient 2012" and "Scholarship recipient 2013". Would this work for your import?

Omatic Support
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