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Regular Expession Wildcards


New to ImportOMatic & regular expressions, but hoping someone can help!

I need to work out how to use regular expressions for a wildcard search - On some of donation imports we are supplied the appeal code, from which i need to work out the correct fund the gift should be allocated against.  Because our appeal codes are all put together in a standard way, its easy to work out what it should be by looking at the code, but im not sure how to get IOM to do this in a dictionary, using regular expressions.

As an example, if an Appeal code begins with APPO, i want to put "Appeal Donation"

So if a donation record says APPO0513a, or APPO0613a, the fund should be Appeal Donation.

I think i need to use a regular expression to do a wildcard search, so if an appeal code looks like "APPO*", put Appeal Donation, but how do i do this?

Alternatively, is there a way of saying if the first 4 characters = APPO, then put "Appeal Donation"?



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For your example, the answer would be: APPO.*

In RegEx, a period means any character except a new line and the asterisk means the previous character one or more times.

Here is the MSDN quick reference guide for regular expressions.
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