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can you specify which rows to import?


We get donation export files from our oniline Credit Card system which include all transactions, including those which have failed. (just for info, there are reports on just successful donations but they do not include the donors details, so changing the type of report we use to obtain the export files isnt an option)

is there a way in importOmatic to specify that only rows where (for example) Column G = "Success" should be imported and everything else should be ignored?

Id rather not have to get users to sort export files and delete unwanted rows, would be better if the import function took care of this for us

Is this possible?



Hi Jeff -

Interesting idea. I'm working on a similar import problem and would like to give this a shot. Question though: if you map the success/fail column into the constituent ID, and then use the dictionary to overwrite the field as blank, what would IoM have to match on in order to import the record? Wouldn't you just have a blank value instead of a constituent ID?



Hi Gregg,

It's premised on the idea that the import file does not actually contain a column for the Constituent ID. If you have an invalid constit ID in your file IOM can kick that out as an exception. If the Constit ID column is blank, it will then use it's duplicate searching capabilities to find a match based on biographical data. Definitely check out the duplicate matching criteria if you haven't already, it's one of the best parts of IOM and just got a lot better in IOM 2.3.

Let us know how it goes!


Looks like the above link to documentation on the API is now broken. Can you re-post that link. We're looking for details on the API and can't seem to find them anywhere on the site. Thanks!

Hi Andrew,

Here's the link:

To manually navigate to it:

* Forums

* Under the gray bar for Raiser's Edge, look for the folder: ImportOmatic API

* The documentation is the first item in the forum. There is a red pin next to it.



Hi James,

While the current out-of-the-box functionality will not accomplish this, we do have a very robust API within ImportOmatic (it's free!) that could possibly accomplish these tasks. Do you have a programmer on your staff? If so, have that person check out the API documentation to get them started:

If not, we have some talented staff that could help research this with you based on your desired outcomes.

Do let us know if we can help in any way!

Many thanks,
Omatic Support
Hi James,

This would be a very simple IOM API function, but I might even have an easier solution.... do you happen to have a column for "RE constituent ID" in the file? If not, you could map Column G to Consituent ID. Add a dictionary to that column to translate "Success" to "" (blank), and you should be good. Assuming all failed rows have a value like "Failed" or something, IOM will attempt to match "Failed" to an existing Constituent ID and not be able to do it (hopefully you don't have a constituent with an ID of "Failed", that might hurt someone's feelings) and kick those rows out to the exceptions file. Make sure in your import profile, under Constituents --> ID Matching, you have the option "treat the data row as an exception" if ID does not match selected.

If you DO have a Constituent ID column already, let me know, we might be able to come up with something else.



thanks for the info - 

we dont have a programmer so the API route may be trickier to do, but the mapping of constituent ID may be possible.  however ive realised there is an added compllication:

In the reports we receive the following:

TxType Status StatusDetail
PAYMENT OK 0000 : The Authorisation was Successful.
REFUND OK 0000 : The Authorisation was Successful.

I only want to import rows where TxType = Payment and StatusDetail = 0000 : The Authorisation was Successful.

Currently, we are opening the file and sorting it, deleting rows etc, but it would be great if there was a way to automate this (and minimise the chance of errors)



Hi James,

When the TxType is Payment will the Status always be Successful? Or are there times when there's a payment that wasn't successful?

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Hi Amanda, 

Status will sometimes be a failure notification, for example:  "5011 : Your card number has failed our validity checks and appears to be incorrect.  Please check and re-enter."



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