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Importing Scanned Images as Media Link


We have started to scan batch paperwork (many of which are ad-hoc pieces of mail as opposed to appeal forms). We currently, laboriously, manually attach images to Constituent records as links in the Media Tab. Is it possible to Import these instead in bulk through IOM?



I shoulda known Amanda would beat me to this post! :)

Hi Jamie,

ImportOmatic does not currently import to the Media Tab. However, we have a free Raiser's Edge solution called MagicFolder that allows you to attach any file type to practically any record type in The Raiser's Edge. ImportOmatic was recently updated to be able to import to MagicFolder. MagicFolder is now a part of AppOmatic, and we have a MagicFolder view panel that allows you to see a constituent's attached files in the primary constituent view. More MagicFolder details here, more AppOmatic details here.


Hi Jamie,

Have you used our free product, Magic Folder, available through AppOmatic? You can use IOM to import your files to MagicFolder quickly and easily.

After installing, you'll create a file that contains the constituent's name, ID, or Import ID, and the file path for the scanned documents. Map the file path to Record Type = Constituent Field and Value Type = Magic Folder (if you're importing gift information you will use the Record Type = Gift Field and Value Type = Magic Folder).


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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