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Query non constituent records

Can someone please tell me how to query or group the non consituent records in List Mgmt? Specifically, I need to add an appeal to the records with a certain Wealth Engine ratings (proposal tab). When I create the Query in RE & use the Query Filter, I only get records that are full constituent records. 


Hi Tracie,

Using the second method above, you would then use the "Query filter" at the top left of the screen to select your query that will limit the search results just to those constituents and/or non-constituents that match your criteria. You can also right-click on that drop-down list to add a new query right from there. Even though query through the front-end will only show full constituents, using a query as a query filter in ListManagement will work on both constits and non-constits. Let us know if that solves it for you.



Thanks for replying Sharifa. I don't want to assign the same appeal to ALL non constituents. Only non constituents with a Prospect Rating of $XX.XX. How can I filter on just those people?
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