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"Field is read only" error

Hi, I'm seeing the following error when performing a constituent import.  I have no idea where to start troubleshooting - can anyone help?

"Line 2: Field is read only:  Reciprocate [Object: 'CIndividual2', PK: '?', Import ID: '?', Desc: '?', Field: 'Reciprocate'] -->BBREAPI.CIndividual2Class.set_Fields(EINDIVIDUAL2Fields lFieldConstant, Object __MIDL_2375)-->#=qTA_aS4v1Q_JmvbLa$JR2x836nz93a6hYj9EtyI2EymY=.#=qWKEGiKADN_G3VKlxwyWPD$y7UfG6h9ZlhBCZQ6xjuls=(String #=quZVFR$HGKQ4zRERO3XUN7g==, Boolean #=qsR80CCbbgRIjC8YpmaAtMA==, Int32 #=q47tDV51ueLu5HFIxLAJntQ==, String #=qZN2XG7c1zA0WgHY9hmSw8k3BJJHggnVrA0Qa3bCeMOo=, ArrayList& #=qvMMB269tk4NnHuBspdOKoNSyMPg2776grS3YL3mjzKQ=, Boolean #=qEc22V9ipPSxXluwgVr1liw

Hi Tricia, what version of ImportOmatic are you using?


Our version is (unfortunately) out of date, we have

Tricia, that version is almost two years old. We have added SOOOOO much good stuff to IOM over the past two years, I promise you'll love it. I know it can be difficult to upgrade multiple workstations at your organization, but if you move to ImportOmatic as an App in AppOmatic it can be set to deploy it all instantly across your organization, no more going machine to machine to upgrade. I believe this issue is also resolved in one of our many updates since then as well. If you have any trouble upgrading or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, either here in the forums or by emailing our support team directly.



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