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Bank Sortcodes


I am very very new to the wonderful world of Importomatic, and am having a hard time getting to grips with the dictionaries. I have browsed through one or 2 topics in this forum that are helping me understand how they work. But there is one thing I cant get my head around, and thats Bank Sortcodes. I have yet to figure out the correct method of getting the Sortcodes into the correct 12-34-56 code. Is there a way to do it? 

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Hi Terry,

I found a regular expression that can do that in a dictionary. Hope this works for you as well as it does for me!


Sincerely, Allison B.

Hi, when I attempted this I just got S1-S2-S3 as the Computed text; I definietly copied the correct (\d{2})(\d{2})(\d{2}) and had Regular Expressions ticked? Has anyone else managed this successfully please?
Hi Andrea,
Although it's very hard to see, the Replacement Value in this dictionary is "$1-$2-$3". Try modifying this in your dictionary and you should be good to go!
Let us know if you encounter any other issues!
Many thanks,
Stephanie Johnson
Omatic Support
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