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Education/School Records - Major Comments field

I'm building my 1st import file of all our graduates and when I try to find the corresponding Major Comments field I don't see one in the Education Relationship type.  The Major Comments field, otherwise known as ESRMajCom in RE, is not an attribute, so how do I import this or does the field not exist in IOM?

If it doesn't exist what is the process to add it?

Thanks, Anne

Hi, Anne,

At this time, the Major Comments field is not available in IOM. You can file it as a suggestion for a future version on our User Voice site:


I would be nice to have the comments field for Major and Minors available. We use the comments field to record a Concentration, which is sort of like a minor but not really. Right now I have it mapped to notes and have to manually change it. Are there any plans in the works to add this?
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