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importing constituent codes

When importing a list, is there a way to not add a constituent code if there is already a constituent code in the RE record?  I'm new to this, and the import profiles we have set up is adding the Prospect constituent code to all records, and we would prefer to not have the code added to records that already exist as they already have an appropriate constituent code.  Our preference is that the Prospect constituent code only be added to new records.  Can anyone help us with this?


Donna Fischer

The Valley Hospital Foundation

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Hi Donna,

Great question. Setting this value via a constituent default set (and ignoring it in your data file) should do exactly what you want as Default Sets are only applied to new constituents and not to existing ones. So first create or update your constituent default set under RE7 --> Tools --> Organize/Create Defaults --> Individuals to include a Constit Code of "Prospect". Then, in your ImportOmatic profile, under Defaults --> Individual Default Set, select that default set you just modified. Bam - done! Now take the rest of the week off, you deserve it!  :)


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