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Adding Actions automatically


I am trying to find a way to make an existing import template automatically create an action via import based on any a specific column of data matching certain keywords.

For example  the gift reference might begin with VENUEXXXXX but as long as it matches on Venue I want an action created, any ideas how I go abouts doing this?





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Just shooting from the hip here... How about making a virtual field and have it copy from the gift reference field. Map it to an Action field. Add a RegEx dictionary such that if you do not want an action the result is blanking out the value. Set an Action Default Set in the Defaults tab. If the field has any value it will cause the default action to be added, if it's blank it will not add the action. Not sure what field you would map it to though... perhaps have the RegEx change it to "FALSE" if you do want the action and map it harmlessly to the "Auto Remind" field?
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