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Phone number and Emails get duplicated


I have a source database outside from RE and I need to sync the two databases on a regular basis until we can retire the old one. I am using IOM to sync.

For some reason when I sync the addresses, the phone numbers in the source database get imported again into the Constit Record even though the exact phone number and type already exists. IOM imports the number again as Home 2, Home 3, etc. This is because in the profile setting under Addresses>phones I used: "Assign available matching phone type with a different number".

So I guess IOM does its job. But I would like to work it so that it only adds "Home 2" if the phone number is different. Is there such an option built in or do I use the API?



Hi Philip,

In your phone types table, is Home set up as a telephone number?

Thank you in advance,
Omatic Support
Hi Amanda,

It is actually "Home Phone", "Work Phone" & "E-Mail". I have another phone number as well: "Alternate Phone" but that did not get duplicated for some reason.

I also was looking for some increased phone/email functionality so I built it with the API.

See my post here about it

Basically I look through all of the existing numbers, compare them to what I am importing, and either move the current one to the front of the list or add it to the front of the list as a new number/address.

This code has some hard coding for my own types but it could easily be modified to just do a basic "if the number already exists don't do anything".

Hi Philip,

Amanda is asking about what "Phone number type" your individual "Phone type" table entries have, like this:



Wayne, check out what we're adding to AppOmatic as a free app:



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