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Accent Sensitivity

Is the behaviour of ImportOmatic's matching behaviour affected by whether the Raiser's Edge database in which it is working is accent sensitive?

Since SQL Server can be be configured on installation to be either accent sensitive or accent insensitive, so can RE (though once you've chosen, you can't change it without reinstalling your database). So, if you happen to have an accent sensitive RE, does that change how IOM behaves compared to what it would do when working with an accent insensitive RE?

Basically, I'm asking if IOM's ability to perceive differences or similarity between E and É is affected by RE's ability (or inability) to do the same thing.

Hi Evan, ImportOmatic, like The Raiser's Edge, relies on your collation setting in your SQL Server Database. I believe the setting you would most likely want in order to achieve this is "Latin1_general_CI_AI". I do know that changing the collation on an existing DB is not an easy task.
I'm well aware that changing it is a significant undertaking.

Good to know the answer, though: If RE is accent sensitive, so will be IOM. If RE is accent insensitive, IOM will be too.

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