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Import duplicate receipt numbers OR split gifts

Hi all,

I know you are thinking why do you want to import duplicate receipt numbers?!?!?!?

We are moving to a new web platform (unfortunately and to my dismay not NC) the gifts will come in on an excel file in separate lines.  There is shopping cart functionality so if a person purchases 5 items there will be 5 separate lines with the same receipt number.  I am dabbling with the idea of split gifts, but not sure exactly how they work.

Can any one suggest how to get the duplicate receipt numbers in (since you can only define 1 default stack) and/or your experience with split gifts.  If you have a sample file of split gifts I would greatly appreciate it!

If you can avoid split gifts I would recommend it. They can be a real pain sometimes. You could make all separate gifts and store the receipt ID as an attribute called something like "web transaction ID".
Thanks Sharifa and Wayne!
Wayne I do try to avoid them, the problem is that our Finance is insesent that we have the receipt number in the receipt number field for reprints. I told them I can make the report loopk at other fields but they are Natzis when it comes to that!

I will give the format a go as the transaction/ receipt ID from the website and map it to the Gift ID. These will be unique. I am prepared for the headache as that is what my comms team and Finance team have already given me!~ haaha
I have a thought, can I import the gift with the same Receipt number if the constituent is set for consolidated receipts??
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