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Previous/Former Addresses

We have recently implemented Importomatic, but are stuggling with the address options, specifically when the import file address matches a alternate/previous address within RE. Want to expedite processes by making sure that IOM Viewer doesn't ask us about these previous addresses. Has anyone built API script that ignores an address update when matching address within RE is marked as previous? Thank you!

I have been trying to do this for a long time without success I am afraid.
I would like IOM to be able to say:
If there is a match to the preferred address, pick that one, otherwise, check the alternates for a match

Unfortunately there isn't a hook in the API for editing how addresses are matched or picked. My partial solution was to write some code that would clean up duplicate (or near duplicate) addresses before attempting the address match. Basically I go through and delete any addresses that are very similar to the preferred address. That way, if it matches the preferred address then it just goes without stopping.
Hi Nicole,

Is the issue that it matches to ~both~ a current and previous address and stops to ask the user, or is the issue that it matches to just a previous address and you don't want to update that one to a current address type but you want to add it as new address automatically? If the new address coming in matches an address of type "previous", does that mean the address should not be previous any more? Or is this old data you're importing?

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