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Error Message: Value Type Must be set

I'm attempting to import actions into RE.  In the Profile I have Action Notepad - Description and Action Notepad - Notes under Record type.  The user guide says that the only value type is the number (which is true in my situation).  However when I go to save the profile I get the error message "Unable to save Profile: The Value Type must be set for each field."   Can anyone advise me as to what I'm doing wrong?  Does there need to be something that the Notepad fields are linked to in the actual spreadsheet?  Or is it possible to map the action fields in virtual fields?  I don't understand why the value type is blank. 


Thanks for your help!



Craig Hospital Foundation

Hi Becky,

In order to import Notepad information, you must provide the Notepad Type column as this is a required field, in RE, in order to create a Notepad record.

To properly map any other Notepad fields, you must first map the Notepad Type field. When you map this field, the Value Type column for it will remain grayed out. This is correct behavior, and IOM take the value to be imported from your data file.

Once you have Notepad Type mapped, the drop-down for Value Type for the other fields will no longer be blank. The option now available will be "Field xyz" where 'xyz' represents the column letter where Notepad Type is mapped. You will select this option. This is a referential type of mapping that tells IOM which pieces of a Notepad go together, and it is necessary because we allow you to import more than one set of notepad records at a time. The actual data to be imported will be what is in your data file. Attributes work much the same way, in terms of mapping.

Once you have the Notepad fields mapped properly, you should be able to save your IOM profile without this error.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



With the new and improved IOM you can now make a Virtual Column with the name of the Notepad Type and use the Static Value function to create the Notepad so that you can link your other fields.

Input File Columns: ConsID, Action Category, Action Type, Action Date, Notepad Description, Notepad Notes

IOM Profile
A ConsID | Constituent | ID
B Action Category | Action | Category
C Action Type | Action | Type
D Action Date | Action | Date
E Notepad Description | Action - Notepad Description | G
F Notepad Title | Action - Notepad Notes | G

Virtual Columns
G ActionNoteType | Action - Notepad Type | Static Function

1) The "G" in the last 2 columns of the main profile will only be available once you have created the Virtual Column
2) Static Function will use the name of the column as the value of the column. Obviously this will always set the Notepad Type to the same thing. You will need to use a column in the import file if you want it to be variable.
3) This is assuming that the Notepad Type that you want to assign is "ActionNoteType" so replace that with whatever Type you want.
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