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Data Enrichment Services Import through IOM?

Hello everyone,

 My organization is in the process of using a few of Blackbaud's data enrichment services (AgeFinder, EmailFinder, Social Score). Looking over the Knowledgebase articles on importing the data from these services, it seems a bit over-complicated. Has anyone imported the data from Blackbaud data enrichment using IOM? Would you recommend doing it this way?

Thanks for your input!

Thank you for that heads up, Wayne! As it happens, I ran into another fuzzy date issue: a few of the results are in date/month format rather than month/year. IOM was not too happy with that. I'm currently waiting on Blackbaud support as, according to their first response, that should not have happened... :)
Just a warning that AgeFinder sends back fuzzy dates (just month/year or just the year) so if you open the file in excel and then import it into RE all of those dates will be wonky!

The problem is the Excel tries to read "10/1950" as M/D/Y if you just open the file directly. You have to import the file into excel and specifically mark the date column as text so that nothing gets converted by Excel.

After my import I had a bunch of people over 100 in my database... The planned giving team was thrilled, I was not.
Hi Stefanie,

If you're able to export a flat file (txt or csv), then you should be able to import the data using ImportOmatic. You'll need either the constituent's name, ID or Import ID to match. Then IOM can update the data.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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