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IT questions - relating to Updates, local procedures

We just applied V2.5 update here.  Previously we were using V2.2.x, but we're fairly new in the ImportO'Matic world.  At our organization, only Admins are allowed to make software changes/updates.  This is a good thing, as it enables me to ensure all workstations running IOM are using the same version.  However, we're wondering if it is best practice to routinely uninstall the old version before installing a new version?  We'd rather keep our workstations clean, not cluttered up with unused old versions UNLESS that has a potential of loss of settings or other problems.  Anybody have any experiences to share?

My experience is that installing the new, with these later versions, also uninstalls the old. And I have deleted the old zip files at that point. If your install didn't uninstall at the same time, I would contact support, becase my understanding is that it's an all in one deal now.
Karen Burlingame

Hi Dovie,

When you install a new version of ImportOmatic, the process overwrites the older version of the software but it does not remove the old version number(s) from the Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel. This is a cosmetic display issue with the Add/Remove Programs list we had previously discovered.

The addressing of this cosmetic display issue with the Add/Remove Programs list is on the roadmap for a future version of IOM, however there is currently no estimated delivery date for this change.

Please Note: The install directory for IOM is always the same, as are the names of the program files for IOM. When you run the "Remove/Uninstall Program" function in Control Panel it removes the program files from the install directory for the selected program. So if you uninstall all of the previous versions of IOM you currently see listed in the Control Panel, you will need to re-install the most current version of IOM (even if you see it still listed in the Add/Remove Programs list) because the actual program files will have been removed already.

Karen - If you have no older versions of IOM ever showing in your Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel, it is likely that the person performing your updates routinely uninstalls previous versions prior to loading updates as part of their process. This is a fairly common IT process, in my experience.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!



Thanks!  I thought I had already said that, but don't find my posting... probably didn't hit the right button, lol!
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