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Adding Constituent Code to records that do not have that code

I am importing people that are recurring givers with an attribute of Recurring Gift on the gift record.  When they begin giving via online I want a constituent code of recurring giver and date from added.  This would be added when they initially give.  Since all the gifts will have the same tag of Recurring Gift if they are new or existing recurring givers, how can I figure out if the value is already on the record, ie the constituent code exists or not?

Hi Kim, long time! Glad to have you back!

Are you using the latest version of IOM? If so, IOM will now take care of this for you (as well as a few other cool new constituent code tricks). Let us know what ya find.

Thanks heaps Jeff! I have been thrown in the deep end. So far it is wicked as and the users I talk to in Australia LOVE it! Is there an area that has sample files? I would like to see ones with Soft Credits and Events that have event guests (showing how they link to the participant) I have a tricky but valuable set up for our Peer to Peer donors.

I am so stoked to be on board! I remember the conferences with just PosPay! You have come a LONG way mate!!!
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