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List Management Issues

I'm currently using List Management to import lists of alumni and having two issues that I'd really appreciate help/advice with. 

1) I have set up my profile so the "List Management - This profile is for List Management" but it continues to not only put the person into the List Management list but also update to any existing record (it will ask me and I hit "match to existing" - I do this so it will put that constituent ID into the LM list).  How do I create the profile to JUST put it into the LM list for now - to just ID the list for me?

2) Part of the list I am importing into LM also has the education information - in the profile I have (Match educational relationships based on - "School Name, Degree, and Graduation Date"......and then "Mark education record as "Primary" if it is the first to be added to a constituent" - "When importing education relationship notes to existing relationships: "overwrite"......but it's adding duplicate Education information onto the relationship tabs for each constituent I'm asking it to match.  How do I get it to STOP adding the education information if it already exists (matching on school, degree, graduation date). 


Thanks for any/all help.

Sue Redding

Hi Sue, great questions! 

For #1, are you essentially creating a list from existing constituents? If so, it would be much easier to go the List Management (the "list of lists") view 
and right-click in the grid and use the "Create new list from query" or "Add to list from query" options. This will create the list for you without having to export or import. 

For #2, just to be sure, are you saying that the data does in fact exactly match the existing record based on the criteria but is being added as a new education relationship anyway? If so, I would recommend creating a case with support so they can dig in to that issue and determine exactly what is going on.

If I've missed anything or misunderstood the question, please let me know.



Thanks Jeff -

1) This is a list that we don't know yet whether or not they exist in our database - most do - some don't. I've never used the processes you mention - will they still continue to populate the existing list AND match what exists within RE7? In a nutshell I have a list of older alumni that I am matching up to see which ones exist in RE7 already and which don't. Then I can import the ones that don't - but I need it to id the ones that do. Is the process you mention above what would do that?

2) The education information matches exactly with what already exists in RE7 - it duplicates it. I'll create a case so they could see what's going on for me.

Thanks so much!

OK, so it is a list of people, some of whom exist in RE already and some who do not. Can you tell me the "end goal" for having the list?

List aside, considering you want to add the people who are new, but do not want to update anything for those that already exist, I would do this: First create a profile only mapping bio/address info (just what you need for duplicate matching), set the options for not having it update anything, and check the box to NOT add new records (found under the constituent settings area). This will create an exception file of all the rows that did not match anexisting record. Import those through your profile that maps all the fields for where you want all the new info to go. If you want all of these records from the original file to go into one list, set both profiles to be LM profiles and choose the same list to import into.

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