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How to use Regex to combine address1 and address2

Some of our donors enter their address information in address1 and address2 two columns. Such as address1: 123 Main St; Address2: Apt 34. I want to change them to 34-123 Mail St in address1. Hoqw can do that?

Hi Catherine,

Unfortunately a RexEx will not accomplish this. However, we do have a very robust API within ImportOmatic (it's free!) that could possibly accomplish this task. Do you have a programmer on your staff? If so, have that person check out the API documentation to get them started: 

If not, we have some talented staff that could help research this with you based on your desired outcomes. 

Please let us know if we can help in any way!
Many thanks, 
Omatic Support

In lieu of getting this programmed do you have Address Accelerator? If you run this periodically on your database it will correct these kinds of formatting errors.
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