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Blank value for Country

I am trying to import a blank value for country. We do not want it to say United States. Previously I had always used a ^ to get it to import blank. If you have just a blank field, it defaults to United States. That is why I had my imports set up with a ^ for country. With the recent update to IOM, it tells me that the ^ is an invalid code table entry. Is there any workarounds for this? Otherwise I will have to delete out the United States out of all of my addresses imported. Not ideal:)

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Hi Gina,

Using the ^ to get a blank field in the Country worked because IOM was incorrectly overriding RE's default behavior when an invalid value was imported for Country. What you are now encountering is the corrected behavior.

If you go to a Constituent record and manually add a new address from the Addresses tab, you will see that RE populates the Country field by default.

RE populates this field with the country chosen in the General section of RE:Config. Having a Country chosen here is required by RE. The default is the country of your database stamping, though you can change it to be any other country in the International section of RE:Config.

If your United States addresses do not have "United States" (or one of the variants) for the country, then you are going to always be presented with the Advanced Address Processing form when the only difference between the incoming address and the existing address is the Zip+4. The rule to suppress the AAP in this situation is only applied when the country on either the existing address in RE, or the address being imported, is "United States." Based on client feedback in Support, this is a good reason to have the country on your US addresses. For addresses in other countries, the country is necessary as it controls the available fields, and the acceptable values in those fields (ex: numeric only,alphanumeric, number of characters allowed).

Unfortunately, if you need the country to be blanked out for US addresses, you will have to remove it after import.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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