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How to apply Recurring Gift installments to same membership as initial Recurring Gift?

Hi there--

Coming across a problem and not sure what the best solution might be. Took a look through the forums, blogs, manuals, and other resources and didn't quite see the solution I'm looking for but have a feeling that it might exist.

Input data:

CSV containing only payments on existing recurring gifts. Gift ID of all recurring gifts to make payment on is supplied in the CSV. 

Without needing to supply the membership ID in the input CSV, have gifts applied to a RG link to the same membership that the original RG is linked to.

I've tried the following two approaches without success:

Approach 1:

Import the data to a gift batch, then check the boxes "Automatically apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts" and "Apply the payment to the same membership" when committing the batch.

(Surprised that this one hasn't worked--these settings have worked to serve this purpose in the past, just not when committing a batch generated by IOM. Another issue with this approach--it seems to break the link between the gift and the specified recurring gift. E.G., if someone has a more recent pledge or RG in their gift history than the RG specified in the data file, RE will automatically apply the gift to the more recent pledge or RG.)

Approach 2:

Import the data directly to gifts in the constituent records with fingers crossed that there is an IOM setting I'm missing that automatically applies the gifts to the membership their initial RG is linked to.

Again, no luck with either.

Have verified in RE that all active recurring gifts are linked to appropriate membership if applicable.

Not sure if there's a workaround in the API; it doesn't seem like it since there's not data in the source file that we can look up membership information from).

Is there a solution I'm overlooking? Hoping so, since the current workaround is to periodically export membership information to a CSV which I use to index & populate the membership information into the data file prior to import.

I'd rather not continue this practice, since there has been occasional issue with RGs indexing to incorrect memberships for reasons unknown (data corruption?). I'd strongly prefer to index against information that only exists in RE if possible, not having to use a changing Excel or Access doc to externally reference.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Hi Adam,

I'm investigating the issue with the "Apply the payment to the same membership" not working when committing the batch.

You should be able to use the API to apply the payment to the correct Recurring Gift and to search for the membership ID or Import ID and then apply the payment to that membership.

Here is our API documentation that will help you get started. You can also ask any questions you may have on our API forum. We can also write this for you as a service if you're interested.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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