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Adding packages

Is there a way for IOM to add new packages during a gift import?

We have some coding for online gifts that contains an appeal code and a package code.  I don't always know the new packages that they are using (they make a new one for each segment and email) so I would like IOM to just auto-create the packages as they come in.

Yes, it will import the package to both the appeals tab and the gift in one pass.
Hmm, interesting, and this would add the package before the gift gets added so it would be able to assign the package to the gift?

I currently do it through the API but it is a little ugly. I basically try to create the package each time and if it fails (because it already exists) then I just skip it, otherwise it gets created. It's faster than looking through each package in an appeal every time but I still don't like it!
Hi Wayne,

At this time IOM doesn't add the package to the appeal during a gift import, but it is a good suggestion for our UserVoice site.

You may be able to accomplish this with the API.

You could also copy the appeal and package columns in Virtual Fields and import to the Appeal tab. These would map to Constituent Appeal - Appeal and Constituent Appeal - Package.


Then in the left side menu, go to Appeals. Check the box to "Automatically add Packages that do not exist on the Appeal".


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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