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Can I enter county/region based on zipcodes of an import file

I am importing a constituent record with the normal information, however we want to add in the county and region based upon the zipcode.  Is there a way to do this using virtual fields and/or dictionaries?


Thank you in advance.

You can make a dictionaries to do this.

For each you will need an excel sheet with two columns: Replacement Value and Value to Match

For example:
County Zipcode
County1 02145
County1 02144
County1 02143
County2 02142
County2 02141
County2 02140

Then you can copy those two row from excel and right click on a new dictionary in IOM to paste them.

Page 21 in the IOM User Guide for more comprehensive directions.

Hi Jay,

After you've built the dictionary, you can then add two virtual fields for the county and the region. You'll use the Copy Field function on these virtual fields. The Seed will be the column that contains the zip code. Then apply the dictionary that you built on both virtual fields.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Omatic Support

Of course, keep in mind that ZIP codes can cross county, or even state lines:

It is on the ImportOmatic roadmap to expand the Omatic Data Service (ODS) address standardization service to be able to also supply county for the exact address. If you haven't tried the ODS yet, you should give it a shot. You get 3,000 rows for free and it will significantly improve your duplicate search results (with name variations like "Robert", "Bob", "Robbie" and address variants) even if you're not using it to reformat your addresses.

Jeff - if I enable ODS in Address options, would it be able to convert a ZIP code to city and state?  I'm importing sign-ups without an address line/city/state, just the ZIP, and would like to auto-add the city and state.


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