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List Management--linking to spouse records

Hi! I couldn't find a List Management forum. Please excuse me if I'm in the wrong place.

We were doing our first patient import to LM on our own, and I thought we had it.  We're asking to search for non-constituent spouses, and I'm matching to the line with the wedding ring (and the spouse's name). When my list was done, however, those patients were on the list as non-constituents only--the constituent box wasn't clicked.  Any thoughts for a wrong box clicked somewhere?


Hi Karen,

In your profile, in the List Management box on General Settings, do you have the option selected to "Add all records as 'full' constituent records"?

Or, do you have the option selected to "Apply task workflow" that includes the task, "Promote to full constituent"?

If not, the non-constituent spouse will be in the list as a non-constituent until the record is promoted to a full constituent.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

Well, I don't have those options clicked, because what I'm trying to do is find people who should be excluded, even if right now they are just a spouse on a primary who is listed as excluded. So if they are on a patient list, but they are a spouse relationship on a DNC or employee or board member constituent record, I want to know that. Does that make sense? So it does me no good to add them as full constituents in my LM list as I'm importing--at least, I don't think so--I want to see if they are in the same household as someone I shouldn't solicit.
Maybe I shouldn't click on the wedding ring line? Maybe I should click on the primary line but be careful not to update the name fields?
Hi Karen,

Thank you for the clarification.

We would not want to recommend matching to the record that doesn't truly match the incoming data. Unfortunately, current standard functionality cannot handle your scenario involving conditional importing. Your scenario would require a custom API script to following your conditional import rules. If you have a team member/volunteer that can program, we could point them to the free, open API documentation. If not we have resources in house for hire to write script based on your individual needs. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more and I will have your account manager get in contact.

This is also a great suggestion for our UserVoice site, and I encourage you to add it so that others can vote on it as well.

Omatic Support

Sigh. I thought I was clear that's what we were trying to accomplish, but obviously not. :) Thanks, Amanda. Yes, please. Would you have our account manager contact us? It's a HUGE issue for us, so I'll need to get someone to help us. Thank you!
Can you define a constituent query that finds the people you do NOT want in your list? If so, could you create a Task Set that has the single task of "Hide from list" in it, and then use that query to assign that task set to those people, so that the ones you do not want to contact (like "Solicit Code" = "Do not even make eye contact") would be hidden from your list? I haven't had a chance to try your specific scenario, but that seems like it might do it for you, let me know...

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