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Updating Existing Proposal Name with New Name

I am trying to update existing proposals with new updated proposal names.  I thought perhaps if I used the Proposal Import ID (since it's unique and identifies each particular proposal) but not even finding anything in IOM that will allow me to do this.  The only thing I find under "Proposal" is the gift import id (for linking) and the solicitor import id.  Each proposal name is different - working from a spreadsheet with constituent ID, sort name, existing proposal name, date of proposal, amount of proposal, new proposal name and import id. 

Anyone familiar with how to do this?  Any help would be much appreciated.



I use IOM when Blackaud's Import process fails to meet my needs. Overwriting proposal information is simple to do with BBs Import so I would not bother with IOM.
Thanks Melissa - I just did that and it worked beautifully. Help MUCH appreciated. Sue
I know that I'm reply over a year later but can anyone advise how to export a list of Proposal Import IDs? I cannot find the field in query. I'll ask BB Support but thought I'd check with you all first. Sarina
Hi Sarina,

You will take your query to Export. From there you'll find the Import ID field under Prospect-->Proposals.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
Amanda is correct - never export directly from Query - it causes more headaches than you can imagine. Always use the Export module or Mail to export data.
Thanks so much! I should have known that was the case but my mind went blank.

Many thanks all
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