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Importing 'early-bird' registration fees



I am trying to import race participants who are running in various races at a race event hosted by my organization. Some participants were eligible for early-bird pricing for their race. However, the import file from our registration website only gives me the race they registered for and the price they paid. I have a registration type for each race/regular price/early bird price combination. Is it possible to conditionally match an import field to a particular registration type based upon the race entered and the price paid? For example, can a person who running the 10km race who paid the early bird rate be linked to the 10km early bird registration type as opposed to the regular priced 10km registration?



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Hi Michelle,

I have a few quick questions:

Are all of the rates different for each race? Or can two races have the same rate?

When you say registration type, do you mean the Participation field?

Thank you!
Omatic Support
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