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Auto-Fill in RE Batch

This may have been asked before, I have noticed that the auto-fill function does not work when I have uploaded to a batch from IOM.  There are times when it's easier to do autofill than to add the data in the profile and map it to the Excel file.  We have our default in RE for "auto-insert by row" but it doesn't work with an upload.  Is there anything in the plans to possibly fix this?  I can still use the default but it's cell by cell.

Thank you, Heather

Hi Heather,

That would be a great suggestion for our User Voice site!

You could also use a Raiser's Edge Gift Default Set to populate the desired values in the batch, during the import.

You can create a Gift Default Set in RE by going to Tools on the menu bar, and then down to Organize/Create Defaults. You would choose Gifts from the left side, and New on the right or you could edit one you are already using with this import. Once you have the field(s) filled in, name and save your Default Set. Then, go to your IOM profile and select the Gift Default Set you just created in the Defaults section of your profile.

Your batch should then have the columns you need filled in during the import.

Hope this helps!


We had a similar issue as you, Heather, and we used Virtual Fields to replicate the fields that you need to auto-fill on the batch. So instead of populating the default values on the batch, you would do this in IOM's config file under Virtual Fields. Hope that helps.

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