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setting up lockbox file

We are setting up a lockbox file with our bank and hoping to use Import -o-matic to upload the gifts into Raiser's Edge. Has anyone does this process recently that would be willing to offer advice? Our bank is inexperienced with non-profits and RE and is no help in terms of what fields we need in the file. I would like to know what steps someone took to set up the file, what fields are in your file and how the o-matic helps you import. Thank you!

Hi Maeven,

What fields are available to have in the lockbox file from your bank? Do your reply devices all have barcodes or ID's of any sort on them? Can donors select a fund or funds, or does everything in the file go into the same place? Do you want the gifts to go into a batch for reconciling? Do the gifts include pledge payments?

We're happy to help guide you as we can on the forum, but our professional services department works with organizations like yours on lockbox processing all the time. If you'd like to engage them to establish the entire process they'd be happy to do it, just contact our sales department.

We use IOM to import all our lockbox donations. In fact, it was the reason we purchased IOM in the first place. We do 2 acquisitions each year. We pull the lockbox file down from the bank (in excel) and use access to pull in the matchback information that we have from the mailhouse. We have scanlines on these mailings (buckslips) and the bank scans it and it pulls the appeal right into the file. They do have to key in the check number for us for an additional fee. Once I have the file in Excel I use a profile I created in IOM and upload the information to a batch.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding what we do at the food bank.


 I am trying to determine what is possible with our bank vs having to go to a caging company. Does anyone have their bank key in data for them, so they can pull a file and directly import it via IOM? We are trying to capture email addresses, as well as other information.

Would love if someone would be willing to talk offline on a call to answer some of my questions.

I would, been using it for lockbox for quite some time and set it up at 2 different organizations! 3104452689
Xochitl, are you using a caging company or a bank? I really need to look at the bank option first.

Thanks for offering, if you do use a bank let me know. My email is
Wells Fargo Bank :)
great! if you want to email me with your contact info I will give you call tomorrow.
I don't see your email, but mine is


We are new to Omatic and will use Wells Fargo as well. Would you mind lending me some of your expertise?  My email address is I would be interested to know how you do funds and what fields you have Wells Fargo capture from your gift data. Also, do you get a datafile daily or less frequently? Does it go into a batch? Many thanks!

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